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We get critical feedback, advice, and suggestions from our former clients—and we think that you can get useful information from what they have to say, too. Below, we’ve listed recent testimonials from our clients—people we’ve helped with a variety of legal issues, ranging from Missouri nursing home abuse and neglect cases, to St. Louis traffic accident injuries, to medical malpractice claims.

I feel like he showed more “heart” than any attorney I’ve dealt with in my time and I am thankful for that. Lawsuits can’t fix broken hearts but David was kind and was always readily available for us when we needed him.


David met with me and had a couple phone conversations before the meter even started running. He clearly stated what he could and could not do in my case. I put down a deposit of which I received a partial refund even after telling him to keep it because he deserved and earned it. My issue was a 15 year old problem, potentially $35,000 that he made go away within three weeks from meeting him and at less than a fifth of the amount. He quickly responded to texts, calls, questions and setting up meetings. I will be strongly recommending him to others. Very nice gentleman on top of it.


I thought David did an excellent job on my Mom’s case. He was very personable, stayed in touch with me and my siblings and was straight forward with us. Our Dad was the one who hired David, and even though Dad wasn’t with us long afterwards, he really liked David and spoke highly of him. I recommend David 110% if you are needing an attorney. Thank you David and God bless you.

– Alan

To me David Terry is great at what he does. I am honored to have dealt with him. With Mr. Terry’s help we found what I needed for my case. He investigated every aspect [and] every avenue in my case. He spent the time to talk to me [and] keep me updated. He told me different ways I could go. He is amazing.


Once David took my case he was very caring about his line of practice. We became friends because of his caring and he was very professional and could always be reached if you had questions. He won my case and I will always be grateful.

– Wanda

David was referred to us from a family friend. Our Father/husband suffered a terrible event in a nursing home. Our first impression of David was that he was very professional, understanding and knowledgeable in nursing home cases. He kept us informed on a regular basis and required minimal meetings with us. His presentation of our case was top notch and we were very pleased with the settlement he obtained for us. David is an advocate for those who do not have a voice. It was a pleasure working with him.

– Anonymous

Mr. Terry did a great job of keeping me informed as my cases progressed. He was readily accessible and responsive. His professionalism was much appreciated throughout the experience. I would call upon Mr. Terry again should I need a trustworthy lawyer.

– Stephen

David was sympathetic, professional, communicative and focused. He was extremely helpful in explaining to us (my brother and our wives)his strategies and the law.

– Anonymous

During our crisis, David Terry informed me up to the minute of any occurring events in our case. He even goes out of his way during off hours. He answered his cell phones on Saturdays, during his kids soccer game and either answered questions for me or gave me an update. He is very knowledgeable and gave me his opinions on what he would do if he was in my situation. He was always there for me. When it was time to go to court, he even drove me instead of me meeting him.   I would recommend his services to anyone as he is what customer service is all about.


Case result was way above expectations and communications [with the Terry Law Firm] were excellent

– Chris D.

Mr. Terry is a wonderful, caring person and it was great working with him. I felt he listened to what I told him and used that information effectively in the process.

– Sue P.

I am very satisfied with everything [on my mother’s nursing home abuse case.]

– Debra B.

I appreciate the job you did for us. You were not only an attorney, but for me you seemed like part of the family. Thanks so very much.

– Brenda G

Thank you so much for everything. Most of all I appreciate that you recognized that an atrocity had occurred that needed to be admitted. I wish you great success and a blessed life for you and your family.

– Joyce

After my father’s death my sister and I hired David Terry to represent us for a wrongful death case. David did a great job representing my family and gave us the upmost respect. David is very knowledgeable and fought hard for us, treating my family as though it was his. I feel fortunate to have found David and for him to have accepted our case. I highly recommend him to anyone who may need his services.

– Gina A

I was very impressed with the way David handled our case.

– E.M

I could see he was doing an extremely professional job of constructing this case block by block, witness by witness.

– Elwin M

The Terry Law Firm provided us with good service and really kept us informed. David even answers his cell phone off hours. That’s impressive.

– Jerry S

David was very good about explaining things…we’re not doctors, we’re not lawyers. He was very good about realizing this and making sure we really understood…made sure we understood exactly what he was doing and why.

– Nancy D

Mr. Terry is a vigilant advocate for families of patients whose loved one had suffered nursing home neglect. He went way beyond what was required of him.

– Bruce R

David and his staff worked aggressively in resolving liens.

– Bill S

Concern, concern, concern. He cared about the case and what we were doing.

– Mark K

Everyone in David’s office was cordial and answered questions honestly and seemed truly interested in my case.

– D.S

I was very fortunate to have him on my side.

– L.E

He kept us well informed.

– Willis H