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St. Louis Wrongful Death Lawyer

For over 23 years, David Terry has represented individuals who have suffered the wrongful death of family members. Representing people who have lost loved ones due to the neglect of others is a huge responsibility and is one of the most personal things a lawyer can do. Not only does the family have to choose a lawyer in a time of crisis, they may spend two years working with the lawyer during the course of the legal case. The Terry Law Firm excels in blending the legal knowledge of pursuing a wrongful death case with the compassion and understanding needed to care for people during tragic and vulnerable time in their lives.

Whether the family member died in car crash, truck accident or as was the result of negligence in a nursing home or hospital, the Terry Law Firm has the experience to aggressively pursue your legal case. Contact attorney David Terry and the team at Terry Law Firm at (314) 878-9797 to schedule a free consultation.

Common Questions about Wrongful Death Cases

When our office is contacted by a spouse, parent, sibling or other relative of a wrongful death victim first contacts our office, they often have questions about what they should do and how to begin the process of pursuing a wrongful death case. Some of the common questions we get on wrongful death cases include:

  • How will we pay the medical expenses and funeral bills?
  • How are we supposed to survive without our loved one’s income?
  • Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?
  • What good will it do to file a wrongful death lawsuit?
  • How much is a wrongful death claim worth?
  • How can we make sure this doesn’t happen to others?

These are all great questions that the Terry Law Firm will help you work through.

General Information about Wrongful Death Cases

Generally, family members or beneficiaries bringing a wrongful death claim must demonstrate that the decedent died as a result of the defendant’s negligence and that the surviving family members or beneficiaries are entitled to monetary damages as a result of the defendant’s conduct. Often family members can collect for the pain and suffering experienced by the decedent before death as well as lost wages and loss of companionship (sometimes called “loss of consortium”), to name just a few. When a wrongful death case is resolved, Missouri requires that every person who had the right to bring the wrongful death case be notified and that a judge approve the resolution.

Lawsuits are complicated and there are a lot of things that the plaintiff must prove. But, basically, to prove a wrongful death, the plaintiff must convince a jury that by the preponderance of the evidence (i.e. more likely than not) the defendant was negligent and that the defendant’s negligence caused or contributed to cause the death of the decedent.

If negligence of another person has caused the wrongful death of a family member or loved one, you need a knowledgeable attorney to help you to determine your rights under the law. The Terry Law Firm has represented the rights of many families who have experienced the tremendous loss of someone they loved being taken too soon because of another person’s carelessness.

Terry Law Firm takes on all types of personal injury and nursing home abuse and neglect cases on a contingency fee basis.
We do not charge fees upfront, and the only compensation Terry Law will receive comes from your winning settlement. If we don’t win your case, no fee is assessed.
Terry Law Firm’s promise is that if you leave a detailed message, someone in our office will return your call by the end of the next business day.  I hate it when people don’t return calls, so I won’t do that to you.

Why Choose The Terry Law Firm?

David Terry is well known around Missouri and the entire country for handling wrongful death cases arising out of nursing home abuse and neglect, medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents. If you are looking for law firm with the experience and knowledge to pursue a wrongful death case and who will be a zealous advocate for you and your loved one’s memory, contact the Terry Law Firm at (314) 878-9797 and arrange a free consultation.

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Download this book and find out how many nursing home owners make huge profits at the expense of nursing home residents. Want to know what to do if your family member has been abused or neglected? Download David’s book and find out.

Making a Difference in the
Lives of Our Clients

“Mr. Terry is a wonderful, caring person and it was great working with him. I felt he listened to what I told him and used that information effectively.”

Sue P.Missouri Client

“I appreciate the job you did for us. You were not only an attorney, but for me you seemed like part of the family. Thanks so very much.”

Brenda GMissouri Client

“Mr. Terry is a vigilant advocate for families of patients whose loved one had suffered nursing home neglect. He went way beyond what was required of him.”

Bruce R.Missouri Client

“I could see he was doing an extremely professional job of constructing this case block by block, witness by witness.”

ElwinMissouri Client


How The Terry Law Firm Can Help You With A Missouri Nursing Home Case

The Terry Law Firm has been handling cases against the nursing home industry since 2001. In that time we have learned that nursing home cases are much more than what happened to a resident. It is just as important to understand Why something happened. We have learned that financial decisions made by nursing home companies are often at the heart of why nursing home residents suffer abuse and neglect. When we represent families and victims of abuse and neglect, we use our medical knowledge and financial understanding of the nursing home industry to uncover what happened and why it happened.

David Terry also has the personal experience of having had a family member in a nursing home. He understands the anguish of placing a loved one in a nursing home and the frustration people have when dealing with nursing homes. His personal experience has given him compassion for those experiencing those emotions and a passion for pursuing justice for those who suffer serious injuries and death because of abuse and neglect.

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The Terry Law Firm helps individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries, wrongful death, and nursing home abuse and neglect all over Missouri. We have handled cases from St. Louis to Kansas City to Springfield to Hannibal and many points in between. Whether you have suffered a car crash in Cape Girardeau or Joplin or a loved one has suffered wrongful death due to nursing home abuse or neglect in Cuba, St. Charles or Independence, we can help.

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