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St. Louis Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to injuries when they are hit by a motor vehicle. Pedestrian accidents can result in catastrophic injuries resulting in paralysis, broken bones, permanent disability and even death.

The United States Department of Transportation reports that 6,000 pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles each year. That’s about 16 pedestrians hit and killed each and every single day. And that doesn’t include the 100,000 people annually who suffer injuries as a result of being struck by a motor vehicle while walking near a roadway.

St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney, David Terry, has been helping individuals who have been seriously injured through the negligence of others since 1994. When someone is injured by a motor vehicle they may end up losing time at work and incur substantial medical bills in addition to the injuries they have suffered. The Terry Law Firm regularly helps accident victims receive compensation for the pain and suffering they have experienced in addition to compensation for medical bills, disability, lost wages and other losses such as the death of a family member through a wrongful death case.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Children

While any injury to a pedestrian is terrible, it is particularly tragic when a child is the victim of a pedestrian accident. Yet, it is no surprise that children are especially vulnerable to being victims. Because children shorter and harder to see, they are often injured in parking lots when cars are backing up. Back up cameras help, but they are not perfect. Too many motorists fail to fully assess the safety of the parking lot before they move their cars. Children in school zones are vulnerable as well because motorists often don’t pay attention to crosswalks or pass stopped
school buses. And, frankly, children sometimes will dart out into the street to chase a pet or a ball. If motorists see children playing in yards as they pass by, they must be ready for unexpected pedestrians.

Injuries Suffered By Pedestrians Can
Be Devastating

When a car hits a pedestrian, the injuries sustained by the pedestrian can range from minor to catastrophic to fatal. Common injuries include broken bones such as broken legs and broken hips. In higher speed impact cases, we have seen individuals suffer a broken neck, paralysis and brain injuries. Not only can these injuries require surgery and months of rehabilitation, they may result in life-changing injuries that leave people in a coma or unable to care for themselves.

Terry Law Firm takes on all types of personal injury and nursing home abuse and neglect cases on a contingency fee basis.
We do not charge fees upfront, and the only compensation Terry Law will receive comes from your winning settlement. If we don’t win your case, no fee is assessed.
Terry Law Firm’s promise is that if you leave a detailed message, someone in our office will return your call by the end of the next business day.  I hate it when people don’t return calls, so I won’t do that to you.

Why Choose The Terry Law Firm?

Whatever the injury may be, know that the Terry Law Firm can help. We have been successfully representing individuals in all kinds of serious personal injury and wrongful death cases since 1994. We can help you too. Just call our office at (314) 878-9797 for a free consultation.

Making a Difference in the
Lives of Our Clients

“Mr. Terry is a wonderful, caring person and it was great working with him. I felt he listened to what I told him and used that information effectively.”

Sue P.Missouri Client

“I appreciate the job you did for us. You were not only an attorney, but for me you seemed like part of the family. Thanks so very much.”

Brenda GMissouri Client

“Mr. Terry is a vigilant advocate for families of patients whose loved one had suffered nursing home neglect. He went way beyond what was required of him.”

Bruce R.Missouri Client

“I could see he was doing an extremely professional job of constructing this case block by block, witness by witness.”

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The Terry Law Firm helps individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries, wrongful death, and nursing home abuse and neglect all over Missouri. We have handled cases from St. Louis to Kansas City to Springfield to Hannibal and many points in between. Whether you have suffered a car crash in Cape Girardeau or Joplin or a loved one has suffered wrongful death due to nursing home abuse or neglect in Cuba, St. Charles or Independence, we can help.

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