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May 2010

A Virginia nursing home aide for National HealthCare (NHC) was sentenced to sixty years in prison for sexually assaulting four nursing home residents in his care

According to a psychological evaluation read at Wright’s recent court hearing, he blames his victims for the sexual abuse they endured. The psychological evaluation also describes Wright as a manipulative hedonist with tendencies of voyeurism and exhibitionism. His personality is ranked in line with a rapist or molester. “He holds…

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An Illinois nursing home was subjected to a random sweep checking for violations of regulations and state law

Golden Moments, a Jacksonville, Illinois nursing home, was raided on Monday, May 24, 2010 by fourteen police and state officials. Among those involved were the Illinois State Police, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Department of Aging, the Jacksonville Police Department, and the Illinois…

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Beverly Rasberry Stone, the operator of Stonecrest Senior Care in Sweetwater, Texas, was indicted on May 11, 2010 on two counts of injury to an elderly person after a resident under her care developed severe bedsores

The abuse allegations arose after Stone’s facility “failed to seek appropriate attention, and (the bedsores) became untreatable”. The resident eventually died of unrelated causes and the death is not at issue in the injury charges lodged against the nursing home operator. According to Stone’s attorney, her facility was not permitted…

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After a thorough investigation, the Minnesota Department of Health determined that a Minnesota nursing home facility contributed to the hypothermia death of one of its residents

According to the recent report, staff at the Jones-Harrison assisted living residence “lost” the female resident in the evening on November 21, 2009, believing that she could be at home with a family member. A family member had signed the resident out of the facility on November 20 but had…

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