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Many of the residents in Missouri nursing homes are members of America's "Greatest Generation”.  Survivors of this generation are now dependent upon nursing home corporations to provide the dignity and quality care they have earned. Individuals who reside at nursing home facilities receive a promise from the facility that they will be provided a safe environment and receive quality care. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail to deliver on that promise. 

While the nursing home population is growing, nursing home companies rarely increase their staffing or their expenses to care for the additional residents. Nursing home abuse or neglect can be humiliating and disrespectful to a person's dignity and affect a resident's physical and emotional health. Sometimes abuse can even lead to wrongful death.

Victims of neglect and abuse in nursing homes are sometimes called "silent victims" but the Terry Law Firm is determined to give elderly victims a voice. If your loved one or family member has been harmed while under the care of a nursing home, our St. Louis nursing home lawyers can help you understand your legal rights and give advice on how to enforce those rights. Call today for a free initial consultation.

What are the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect? 

There is never an excuse for a loved one or family member to suffer from sub-standard care at a nursing home. Evidence of nursing home negligence or abuse can include:

Bed Sores, (Pressure Sores)           Malnutrition and Dehydration
Sexual Abuse  Physical Abuse 
Sepsis  Restraints and Bedrails 
Falls Wandering and Elopement 
Burns  Medication Errors 
Choking Clogged Breathing Tubes 

If you suspect that your loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, you should take steps to protect the resident. Immediately contact the state agency that investigates claims of elderly abuse and file a detailed report. If necessary, file a complaint with the local police department. At a minimum, confront the nursing home management and demand that changes be made to protect the resident.

If your loved one or family member has experienced one or more of these signs of nursing home abuse or neglect, call the Terry Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

Why Choose The Terry Law Firm?

Attorney David Terry not only has years of experience successfully representing nursing home victims and their families, he also has the emotional experience of having had a close family member in a nursing home.  Legal knowledge, personal experience and a personal understanding of the emotion involved in a loved one's nursing home care, make the Terry Law Firm a formidable opponent for nursing homes who neglect and abuse the elderly.  

The mission of the Terry Law Firm is to enforce the rights of elderly people throughout Missouri.  We have successfully pursued regional and national nursing homes corporations on behalf of elderly clients and their families. For more information please visit the Nursing Home FAQ section of our website. 

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If you believe a family member has been a victim of nursing home abuse or negligence, call the Terry Law Firm for a free consultation.

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